Paul Saliba dot Com

Hey I’m Paul Saliba and welcome to Paul Saliba dot ┬áCom. Yes thats right dot Com!! Cause I really am that cool, that I get my own website created by my loving wifey, and everyone will still love me cause, hey!! I’m Paul Saliba.. And if they don’t love me, stiff shit cause I don’t care!!
In the future there will be what is called ‘doing a Paul Saliba’ although, not many people in this world can do what I do. Not only am I special to degrees that your imagination will never be able to comprehend, but I can make things happen.. No really!! I get shit done!
Here’s how!!
Firstly, I’m really loved. Not just loved like most people are loved, I’m reeeeaaaallllyyyy loved, check out my girls stinky and blinky

Stinky and Blinky 1 Stinky and Blinky 2 Stinky and Blinky 3 Stinky and Blinky 4













Then┬áhere’s the wife.. Well! She just can’t keep her hands off me.. Can’t blame her… I am Paul Saliba!

Me and the misses

I’m a pretty lucky Man, she kinda loves me a LOT !!

Here are my views on certain things on life, and you too soon could be doing a ‘Paul Saliba dot Com’